Data privacy policy (English)

Notes regarding privacy and consent to the processing of personal data

The use of and its services is voluntary.

The information collected during the registration as a user or during usage will be processed. Provided that the information is not about a fictitious identity the data pertains to personal information. Therefore, the data protection law also applies to

Thus it is required by us that you are informed about the nature and extent of the collection of personal data and any future use.

When registering on the website please enter your name, email address, city and country. This data will then be stored in a database. You can view this data any time after the Login when you click on your name (upper right hand-side of the monitor or at the bottom of the page). In the personal area, you may revise the data which you have provided. The data is visible for other participants in the courses, as well as for trainers and administrators. 

After the registration process you will receive an email in order to make sure that no one else is using your email address. You will first be registered as user of after you approve the confirmation email. If you fail to approve the email, your data will automatically be deleted after 7 days.

If you register as a user of a course, you will also receive emails from the course area. You can unsubscribe from the course area at any time. In order to do this, go to the course area and on that page click the block which says you would like to leave this area.

In the personal area you may choose how you would like to receive emails from (For example, individual emails or daily summaries).  You are able to change your settings at any time.

From the information, some voluntary and some mandatory, collected during the registration by the software Moodle, at, a record will be kept as to what time the user used which page and also which profiles from other users may have been visited. Additionally, it will be recorded, depending on the individual offerings, if you have completed exercises, if and which contributions you made in the different forums, if and how you took part in workshops and tests.  

When using the “Messenger” (private messages) function, the texts which you write to others will be viewable by the trainers and administrators. If you do not want this, then please use your email to contact other users. The usage data will remain on The data is accessible by both the administration of and the manager of each of the course areas, not by individual users (except data contributed in forums). Contributions, for example within a forum, are still accessible even after you are no longer an active user. After publishing a contribution, the information may be read and viewed years later. The course areas on are public. Therefore, search engines, like Google, may include course area information.  

Please note: When a course is not made public in a Moodle-System, then the course contents and contributions made by users are naturally not found in a search engine. is a public page for information and presentation and is therefore designed differently.

When you are no longer registered in a course area, then your contact information is no longer available to other users. You may adjust your settings in your personal area so that, for example, other users may not see your email address. These settings do not apply for trainers and administrators.

Statistical analyses about usage will automatically be deleted after 30 days.

The saved data will not be given to any other party. This also applies to anonymous information.


By registering and using you acknowledge these policies and give your consent to the terms of data collection and usage.

You may withdraw your consent at any time and your login information to will be deleted. To do so, please write an email to: